Supermom packs a picnic (in a hurry!)

Some super heroes pack a punch, but Supermom also has to pack the odd picnic – a healthful one, obviously – and at one minute’s notice!

I was browsing through some photos when I came across this:

I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered the 30 minutes that preceded the shutter click. It had been one of “those” days when Three-Year-Old was pushing his little brother, grabbing toys, and would have been pulling One-Year-Old’s hair if he really had any. One-Year-Old, in turn, was whining, moaning, clinging, whinging, pawing and otherwise making himself popular with both his mother and his elder brother. They both had cabin fever, I had a distracting deadline, and the tensions were rising like a tsunami doing begging tricks.

I remember my brain grunting: “Must… get… out…” I didn’t really have too much time to think (I doubt I would have been able to over the hum of whinging and wailing). As the blessed Durban weather was on our side, I decided a picnic was in order. I put a small pot of popcorn on the stove and started throwing useful-looking things into the nappy bag. For snacks I chucked in some fruit, water bottles, rice cakes, seeded crackers and peanut butter (with a spreading knife to make fresh at the picnic, I should say so that they would be fresh and crisp but really it was a time saver).

By the time the popcorn was done I’d slung the bag on my shoulder and had a boy under each arm.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the Botanic Gardens and found a lovely dappled spot for our picnic. I sms’d a friend who shortly joined us with her little ones and they, too, loved the “spread” I’d laid on.

Funny, when I think “picnic” I usually think time-consuming quiches and fancy sandwiches, delicately cut crudite with dips and beautifully arranged fruit platters. Picnics also often mean chips, pizzas, tarts, cheeses and other high-fat foods.

Yet this was definitely, in the words of my three-year-old, one of the “best picnics EVER!”

Another stressful day, saved by Supermom! It’s moments like these that get me through the rough days of mothering.

We may have to do a repeat this weekend. Anyone for a picnic?

Berg Baby

Well, praise be to the meteorological deities, the weather was amazing thes past two days in the Berg! We kept baby Shai bundled up just in case, and packed changes of clothes for every eventuality (hot, cold, in-between, rain, wind, snow, hurricane, volcano, earthquake, etc). He loved the baby carrier and really seemed to be enjoying the scenery when he wasn’t catching a cat nap (which was very often).

I’m too tired to write tonight, but here are a few pics from the trip:

Above: All packed up and ready to go!


Above: After all this rain, the rivers and falls were magnificent

Above: A bridge too far to take a baby on a 4.5 hour hike? Never!

Above: view from the trail

Above: My Berg Baby, quite at home in his surroundings


Above: The mountains at Cathedral Peak

Above: Nappy change at the highest point on the trail!

Above: Fast asleep and missing the view!

Rain, rain, go away

I’m off to the mountains tomorrow.

My husband’s idea of hiking is walking to the shops. He is perfectly happy to appreciate nature on the Discovery Channel, but the enthusiasm ends there, so I don’t often get the opportunity for a real nature trail. But a rugged friend of mine is visiting our fine land and we’ve put together a small group for an overnight foray into the mountains. I’m taking the baby with me, so it’s all very civilised (a few short hikes with a baby-carrier harness and spending the night in a backpackers with all the necessary amenities).

But it’s pouring with rain and the forecasted highs for the Berg are around 18 degrees for the next couple of days. I’ve packed zillions of layers of clothing and blankets and I’m hoping for the best. Watch this space…