How to get kids to eat cauliflower


Some kids don’t like the texture of certain veggies; others don’t like the theoretical idea of eating specific things (like cauliflower. I’m just saying.) This approach solves both problems. When I pitched the idea of cauliflower in cheese sauce to my five-year-old (emphasis on the cheese sauce: “It’s cheese sauce. It’s awesome. It’s cheese, and it’s sauce! What could be better than that? Did I mention the cheese?”), he reacted with predictable skeptism. When he saw the actual cauliflower, I swear he turned a little green. But here’s the genius, see: it’s the CHEESE SAUCE.

Nothing scary going in there.

Flour – cool (it makes cake, right?)

Butter – great (he loves it on sarmies)

Milk – it goes well with chocolate so it must be safe.

Cheese – nuff said.

Plus he enjoyed being grown up enough to pour in the milk a little at a time while I stirred.

The next token of brilliance is to chop the cauliflower so small, it virtually blends into the sauce (you could use a knife, a grater, or cauliflower rice for this).



Finely chop a head of cauliflower and steam until it is soft enough not to alert your child to its status as a vegetable.

Don’t bin the cauliflower leaves! Adult supper just got fancy. Click here to see how.


Melt 50 g butter in a pan.

Stir in 50 g flour.

Add 500 ml milk a little at a time to form a sauce.

Season with salt or a herbal alternative and cook for 5 minutes.

Add 1-cups grated cheese (Tussers. Mmm.)

Coat the bejeezuz out of the cauliflower.

Smile extremely broadly and make positive comments about the cheese sauce as you serve. Praise your child wildly with every mouthful.

For a vegan version: replace butter with olive oil and milk with soy milk. Omit the cheese. (You might want to add a little extra flour to thicken it up, and a flavour your kid likes.)