The Year of the Veg

Here’s something that caught my eye:

“Move over, meat, this is the year of the veg. An interesting trend in a few small restaurants in California seems to have gained worldwide attention – they serve vegetables in various forms as the main dish and you’re able to order a small side portion of protein if you wish. With the cost of meat – both on the wallet and the earth – I predict this food trend gaining some serious traction in the future.”

Ra ra to the world for finally coming their senses 🙂 This trend-watch was featured in this month’s issue of  The Ridge Magazine. Other predictions included a focus on artisanal ice creams, eastern condiments and breads made with ancient grains like amaranth, millet, spelt and teff.

Let’s hope this sees the start of an upsurge of veggie-friendly options on South African restaurant menus.

And just for drawing attention to it, let’s give a shout out to food contributor Paul Sheppard (support him by celebrating the news with lunch at his bistro Marco Paulo in Mt Edgecombe).