Strawberry fields (in your own back yard)

I have a recurrent argument with my kids each time we go out for milkshakes – they beg me for strawberry flavour and I say no because I don’t like the idea of synthetic red colouring and sweetener (and it seems to send my eldest a little hyper).

I’ve explained that there is nothing strawberry at all about most commercial “strawberry” milkshakes, and have been pressed to ask the waitstaff what goes into the shakes to prove my point. My point has been proven every time. Answers range from “I don’t know” (go and ask, dumbass. And you should know your menu better) to “syrup” to “it’s this powder thing” to “pre-prepared shake mix”.

So Mom wins and the kids can choose between vanilla (read “plain” or “white” as I’m pretty confident there’s no actual vanilla in there anyway) or chocolate (which at least is vaguely natural). Thank the lord they’ve never asked for “lime”.

But really, we all win, because I’m teaching my kids to KNOW about what goes into the things they eat. And that’s a life skill that will stay with them longer than the pleasure of a milkshake.

That said, I decided to make an actual strawberry milkshake (recipe below) and it was the easiest thing and passed the juvenile taste test panel. Smiles all round!

Veggietot Mom’s strawberry milkshake


Strawberry milkshake as it should be



Milk or yoghurt (the latter makes for a slightly thicker shake)

Ice, if the strawberries are fresh out the garden and you want the shake cold immediately

A little honey if you really want it super sweet



Simple pleasures.