Farm stall in the city

Delish advertises itself as “your farm stall in the city”. They sell fresh fruit and veggies as well as Felicity Vonmoos’s free range eggs, and a modest selection of spices, preserves and other things you’d expect to find at a farm stall (including the cute kitsch handmade hen doorstops, above).

There are toasted cheese and tomatoes, and there are toasted cheese and tomatoes.

They’ve also recently opened a cafe serving up cappuccinos and teas and a limited but delicious menu that changes with ingredient availability (respect!). I had a delectable rooibos and orange loose-leaf tea blend and a toasted cheese and roasted tomato sandwich with fresh basil, made with artisanal bread. Yum doesn’t really do it justice, so I’ll say that it was YUM! I arrived at breakfast time, but I couldn’t resist the gorgeous smells wafting out of the tiny kitchen, so I imposed a little investigation. Chef Barry Fry (of Glenwood Bakery fame) let me taste the chilli-and-thyme grilled butternut destined for the midday menu, and I was sorely disappointed I couldn’t stay for lunch! I’ll have to come back…

I love cafes that take pride in presenting food and drinks simply but beautifully. 

Find Delish at: Shop 1, 140 Sphiwe Zuma (was Queen Mary) Avenue, Durban.