R15 well spent

I try to spend special time with each of the kids whenever I can. Today my younger son and I had a”date”. It was a glorious day, so I took him to the local nursery and let him choose a tray of seedlings to plant. I was kind of hoping to kill two birds with one stone and use the opportunity to supplement my veggie patch, which needs major attention. But Little Mr marched straight past the vegetables and stood in front of the flowering seedlings, contemplating earnestly. He settled on a tray of pretty pink and white numbers, which won’t provide any nourishment for my family, but that’s what he chose, so that’s what we bought.

We came home and spent a beautiful hour digging, weeding, planting and watering. And I realised that, while you can’t eat flowers (at least I don’t think these ones), this tray of seedlings was nourishing our souls, not to mention our relationship. And every time I walk past them, I’ll be filled with warm fuzzies. And that’s just great 🙂

Isn’t this worth the cost of a coffee?