Drooly and Droolier: Veg Medley

Protein, carb, plus the sweetness and betacarotene of the carrots makes this a light but balanced meal. My baby loves it followed by a spot of pureed apples for dessert – or mixed together with the dessert and eaten all at once!

Veg Medley OR corn, carrots, peas ‘n beans


500g corn kernels (sweetcorn is best if your baby’s got a sweet tooth)

500g carrots

500g peas

500g green beans


1. Steam or lightly boil all the ingredients. It helps if you chop up the carrots and beans around the same size as the peas and corn, as they will cook evenly. You can also ‘cheat’ and just buy a bag of frozen mixed veg.

2. Puree the ingredients, thinning to desired consistency with the steaming/boiling liquid (or some sodium-free stock if you prefer).

Makes approx. 2.2 litres.

General Notes:

Output quantities are given in litres, not servings, as each baby eats a different quantity per meal, and this of course changes as the baby grows. You can calculate how many servings the recipes make by dividing the output quantity by the average number of ml’s your baby eats per meal. Output quantity will also be affected by how much liquid you add (this depends if your baby prefers runny or firm food, and this will probably also change with time. Note: firmer food is harder for baby to chew but easier/neater to feed! Your call.)

Of course all quantities can also be halved/doubled/etc, and all recipes can be altered according to your baby’s taste or what you have in the fridge!

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Note: The corn cobs also make great teethers!