So long, summer hols!

Well, we’re all back to school and back to work and the long, lazy days in the pool and garden are already starting to feel like a distant memory…

There’s a particular type of weed that sprouts up every summer in our garden when the lawnmower (and the nice man who comes to run it) goes on its annual holiday. These tickley tendrils have become a symbol of summer holidays for me. Their presence means no-one is rushing around, nagging clients are off somewhere else sipping on long cocktails, and there are no school bags and lunches needing to be packed. As the sprigs get taller, so we get more relaxed. By the time they reach mid-calf, we’re rested enough that we’re almost ready to go back to the excitement of real life. Another way in which the garden becomes a metaphor for life in all it’s seasonal, growing glory.

So this week, when the grass and the boys get their back-to-school haircuts, I’ll be getting back into the swing of things.

Watch this space for exciting posts about green lunch boxes, veggie baby food, and more!