odd socks

This morning I had an idea for a post but it all pivoted on a photo I snapped on my phone of the two odd socks I found in my son’s drawer. The last two in the drawer, obviously. But they were clean, people!!!

Unfortunately the internet was being uncooperative and I couldn’t upload the pic, but the image just summed up my mothering at the moment: odd and sometimes spare, but clean and soft and THERE, even if lurking at the back of the drawer.

That’s how it goes in life, especially if you’re self-employed. They call it feast or famine and some people talk about Balance (Their capitalization). I’m out of kilter right now. Too much work and too much on the plate. But still, at least my kids have clean socks, even if they don’t match. And at least I wrote the blog post, even if I can’t post the photo.

I’m working on an action plan to cut back the stress and take some things off the proverbial plate. Not to the point of famine, hopefully, but then that’s how it goes.

Any tips you guys????