nifty 2012 diary for veggie tots and activists

I know it’s February, but if any of you, like me, are only just getting into the swing of the year, I have a great tool for you.

The Go For It 2012 diary gives you space for your daily notes, plus tips on how to make a difference to your world every day.


Do you ever get the feeling that “the issues before us seem so huge, so complicated, so difficult to deal with that it’s hard to believe that anything we can do will make a difference”?


The authors remind us that: “There are a lot of us in the world. A lot of people doing a lot of little things could have a huge impact. And by doing something, we are showing that lots of people really do care. Together we can change the world.” Now those are Veggie Tot values.


Inspired by Michael Norton’s 365 Ways to Change the World and South Africanized with local facts, figures and resources, this nifty little A5 book is filled with useful links and ideas of how to take action to improve your environment and society.


It covers categories from community activism to global accountability, peace, health, entrepreneurship and, of course, ways to care for the environment.


Although it’s aimed at larger veggie tots (i.e. high school kids), it’s also a great resource for parents or anyone interested in taking action to make our community and environment a better place for all to live.


And if tree-hugging, street-marching, MP-petitioning activism isn’t really your thing, there are hundreds of personal tips on how you can improve your home and relationships on a daily basis.


So if you haven’t yet made a new year’s resolution, take a leaf out of this book: “Resolve to change the world, one step at a time. Follow this diary, do something each day, and try your best to succeed.”


The Go For It 2012 diary is available from Phresh, at Earthmother Organic (Bulwer Road, Durban), and costs R100.


For more information, orders, or to get involved in this dynamic project, click here.