tiny ways to make a difference 1

Recycling is good. Well done you if you recycle! But can you do more? Here’s a really easy way to get even more bang for your carbon-saving efforts.

Before tossing large boxes (like cereal boxes) in the recycling bin, I cut them up and pop the larger pieces in the arts and crafts basket. That way, when my little ones want to create a masterpiece there’s always something to draw/paint/dribble on, I don’t have to worry about getting to the stationery shop as often, and fewer trees are hacked down in the name of finger painting.

Of course, it’s not to say you won’t still recycle the boxes. (Unless you are one of those parents who keeps every single thing your little poppet has drawn/painted/dribbled on EVER, in which case I suggest you sell your car and convert the garage into storage. The environment will thank you anyway for getting rid of the car.)

Most kiddies paints, inks and glues are water-based and so fine to chuck into the recycling bin. Cellophane, glitter, leaves and twigs, etc not so much, so I usually pull/cut those bits off first.

I just think it makes more sense, if I’m recycling the cardboard anyway, to let the kids have their way with it first, rather than recycling the cardboard as well as perfectly good virgin paper, which costs more trees, money and effort to procure.

What are your favourite tiny ways to make a difference?