The Dummy’s Guide to Building a Compost Heap

Re-inspired, I decided to start from scratch with a compost heap under our lemon tree, where little else grows in the shade anyway. To contain the naturally unsightly contents, I decided to build a sort of walled-off compartment. Nothing too Bob-the-Builderish. I just dug a small trench and balanced some spare pavers inside, then “sealed” them in with more soil.

Three-year-old was very interested in the process, though more interested in jumping in the trench than actually digging it.

The construction team convenes.

My landscaper nearly had a heart attack when he saw what I’d done (“wasting precious space for rubbish”, I believe he called it).

But I’m pretty chuffed with myself. I have:

a) proven beyond all reasonable doubt that I am superwoman, able to dig a trench without breaking any bones and then build something useful;

b) found a home for all the trimmings and pulling-uppings I’ve been gathering during my heavy garden labour this last week;

c) (hopefully) ensured a free and readily-accessible supply of organic compost for myself in the near future;

d) spent time in the fresh air with my boys, connecting with the earth and learning all about soil, slugs and worms;

e) not vomitted when I touched both a slug and a worm.

Hearty achievements, I say!

Dig, dig, dig.

Build, build, build.

*A special thank you to Veggietot Dad who got involved and took the pictures (that’s all he did, I feel is worth noting).