The transformation continues

Yes, dear readers, this is the SELFSAME patch of earth that, mere days ago, looked like a scene from The Oregano That Took Over The World. (Click here for the “before” shot.)

The interactive bit

Right, who’s up for a game of “spot-the-plant”? Here’s a close-up shot to help you along (use the slider below to view the whole patch):

I couldn’t get the blog programme to turn the answers upside-down like in magazines, so here they are:

Sweet basil, coriander, fennel, various lettuces and some marigolds.

Human helpers

I’d like to thank my extremely supportive sons, without whom this monumental project would not have been possible. Three-year-old for helping with his plastic tools (and occasionally hijacking mine), and One-point-five-year-old for not trampling on the plants, and waiting so patiently for his snack. And for being a very good sport when Three-year-old ran at him with the metal spade (I intervened just in time).

Wriggly helpers

Whilst digging, we found a couple of earthworms, which are a sure sign of soil health. I was very pleased. Three-year-old was torn between fascination and disgust. I believe the term he used was, “Waaaaaah!”