it’s sweaty work, this gardening

My landscaper has cut me a deal: he’ll humour all my natural, organic nonsense if I’ll get involved in the gardening itself. Yikes, here we go!

So there I was this morning, at a quarter-past sparrow’s fart, digging my fingernails black in the mass of oregano that seems intent on taking over the whole garden if given half a chance. Don’t get me wrong, I like oregano, but we only need so much, and I’ve grand plans for the space beneath it.

The oreg-gone-mad bed before the blitz

First, I pulled up all the excess plants (and saved some for freezing and/or drying for homemade sauces).

Then I yanked out all the weeds that had gotten mixed up in there.

Then I dug out the roots (eish, that’s when the sweating started).

Then I turned the soil. Well, I’ve heard the pro’s use this term so I take it it’s something you’ve got to do. I sort of stirred it around and then tossed it like so much big, brown salad. Am I on the right track, anyone?

Then I gathered up the debris and decided to make a compost heap for it (more on that later).

I was very chuffed with myself when I eventually stepped back and surveyed the results:

After two hours under the sweat and toil of the incredible Veggietot Mom (yes, there was a thyme bush cowering somewhere in there)

Right, now I feel I’ve certainly earned a reward and it’s got to be my new favourite smoothie of all time (yes, the health kick is still going strong). If you, too, want to feel like summer relaxing on a cloud of health, follow the instructions below:

Happy Energy Kicker Breakfast Smoothie (as it shall now be known)

Why it’s good for you:

  • Bananas are low GI and full of energy
  • Strawberries loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants
  • Sunflower seeds are protein-packed and “nature’s antidepressant
  • Linseeds offer essential omega-3 fatty acids
  • Man, it tastes so good!

Want one?


2 bananas

Large handful of strawberries

Small handful of sunflower seeds and linseeds (preferably pre-ground, though not essential)

Filtered water (about half a cup, depends how you like it)





Also works brilliantly with 2-3 peaches instead of the strawbs (or both!)

The kids also love this one :-)

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!