For those of you who were filled with awe, envy or umbrage by my post onearly morning baking the other day, here’s the complimentary reality check:


This morning the screeches had us up before dawn again. We tried to settle them. We tried to be positive. We tried to ignore them. We tried to be reasonable. But eventually we realized that we weren’t going to win this one and we dragged our sulky selves to the family room, tots in tow.


Veggietot Dad had a scheduled gym slot but he didn’t even ask me if he could leave me with both kids – my expression probably said it all! So he dragged the smallest one with him, leaving me and the slightly bigger one sprawled out on the couch with CBeebies.


I think Dad and I both needed some alone time to think and perspectivize anyway (yes that is a word because my brain is too sleep-deprived to find another one). To the tune of the Tele Tubbies I counted my blessings: two beautiful, healthy children; a supportive partner; a sturdy roof and a warm bed (which I even get to appreciate for a few hours a night); a career which brings me joy; a fridge full of food; a body which serves me well; a closet full of clothes…)


And I realized that sometimes, recognizing your miracles is another blessing all of its own.


So slowly, while Tinky Winky and Po were slurping their tubby custard, I hauled my attitude from Bad to Glad. I summoned up all the grace of flexibility and began rearranging my day to incorporate four tired people, their schedules and their needs.


And when Hubby returned from gym, he’d had an attitude adjustment all of his own. Instead of shoving the baby in the corner and ignoring him while he got on with working out, Hubby had incorporated little Shai into the routine. So he’d had an excellent workout (using Shai’s 12.5kg instead of the usual 7kg weights) as well as physical play time with his little boy.


This is the conclusion to which I am drawn: Sometimes when life doesn’t go according to our plans, we bake cakes and sing show tunes. Other times it’s tougher; but with a little flexibility and awareness, we can still turn circumstances into precious – even productive – moments.

(Yes I made him pose the pic – as a reminder to incorporate the joy our kids bring into our lives at every opportunity)