ring around my heart

I’ve been trying to focus less on material things and more on meaningful experiences in life.


So instead of a present for my birthday this year, Hubby took me away for a romantic weekend. I got a few beautiful, lasting gifts of plants and books from dear friends, and lots of phone calls and emails that meant more to me than another jar of bath bubblies or yet another vase to stick under the sink.


But my not-very-well-hidden avaricious side must admit that there is one present I am VERY excited about – a ring my sister gave me. I LOVE this ring. It’s got all the qualities I believe a really worthwhile purchase should have: beauty, character, and a story behind it.


It’s made by local designer Phillipa Green out of a recycled vintage cuff link. It’s engraved on the back with my name and date of birth, and the significance of the cameo lion image ties in to my star sign. The craftsmanship is exquisite and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.


So, yes, it’s true that the best things, money can’t buy. But if you’ve got a bit of spare cash lying about this is a good way to spend it :-)


I think it’s nice to focus on a few special things that bring you joy and pleasure rather than a drawer-full of the same mass-produced, soulless junk that’s clogging everyone else’s drawers.


And if we can support local artists and recycling at the same time – well, that’s just the ribbon on the box.


Any of this ring true?